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Plan Now, Value Later

"We’re a small company.  We don’t need to be commercial until we’re ready to launch.” - Said no successful small company ever.

For successful drug launches, where companies maximize drug adoption and realize the expected value, early commercial positioning is key.  But first-time pharma companies lack the funds for a full commercial team. They would have to leverage their already limited and engaged personnel to ensure commercial success.  It would be tempting to put off commercial positioning until closer to launch.  But companies that choose this route do so to their detriment. 

“Small Pharma companies need to have a commercial plan, even if they don’t plan to take the drug all the way to launch themselves. Big Pharma and investors want to know there’s a plan, and know there’s been progress toward it.” -COO of Biotherapeutics company and former venture capital consultant

One way small companies can address this conundrum is to understand the commercial positioning early.  This means understanding the market, the drug data, and the perspectives of patients, payors and providers —and forming the initial framework of what the drug could become—as early as pre-IND.  This information is continually revisited and revised as more data about the market, patient population, and drug data are discovered. 

I hear you thinking:  “Excellent idea, but there’s no way we can do this… we’re too small; money is too tight.”  That’s a predicament, for sure.  But that’s where Luminyst comes in.


We are a boutique consulting firm with a unique focus.  We have leveraged our decades of experience to build an operational framework that leverages your CURRENT workforce and CURRENT activities, and highlights key gaps in your CURRENT operations so your program and workforce stay focused, efficient, and coordinated.



·      A drug development program where the value of the drug is constantly redefined and the potential of the drug is built into the development

·      A workstream keyed into the overall program deliverables, continually iterating and updating in a seamless flow as new findings emerge, adapting to enable the greatest value.  

·      A fully informed executive team updated on program status in real time with dynamic dashboarding.


Now understand how possible this is, with very little effort of your own.  Our process threads through your current information and ties it to your strategic plans, and embeds it in an established, predictable, stage gating process with a continual feedback mechanism that you control.  This light touch handoff approach keeps our costs down and enables your workforce, leaving you lean, structured, and ready to reap the TRUE VALUE of your offering (or show Big Pharma or investors you’re ready to).  


If this sounds too amazing to be true, or if you’re curious to find out more, please reach out:  We are excited to speak with you!

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