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Updated: Jun 17

An interview With the Founder  



I took a circuitous route to founding Luminyst. I started in art conservation, and then pivoted in graduate school to focus on materials science. My first post-graduate job was in biotech, and I’ve been in the industry ever since. I’ve worked in big and small biotech, in RUO biotools and pharmaceuticals, as a chemist and on the business operations side. As much as I loved being a scientist, I love operations even more.  I love leveraging my technical background and experience to bring order and efficiency to the way a company operates.  I love empowering others to be excellent at their own job.


What led you to found Luminyst?

Throughout my career I have always drawn inspiration from bringing the right product to market on the first try.  Toward that end, I’ve found I have a knack for teaching, mentoring, and instilling pride in others for what they can accomplish, while making it easy for them to accomplish it.  I’ve been able to draw together teams, break down and simplify processes, and lead initiatives with clear directives and transparent goals.  It’s an unusual talent that isn’t easy to find in many leaders, regardless of experience level.  It’s what brought me to found Luminyst. I saw an opportunity to do this work I love while bringing necessary drug therapies and science tools to market. It’s a complete win-win.


What is Luminyst’s Mission and Vision?

Our mission at Luminyst is to empower science innovators by streamlining and optimizing the product development process for science companies worldwide. Through strategic organizational consulting, we enhance operational efficiency, accelerate timelines, and facilitate seamless pathways for bringing products to market. Leveraging technology with commitment to excellence and innovation, we partner with our clients to ensure their impactful contributions to global healthcare and science research are realized with speed and precision at reasonable cost. 


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