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What Makes Luminyst Special 

How did you Approach Building the Luminyst Team?

We build our team with care. Finding people with the right experience and temperament for the job is key.  Although pedigree is important, it’s more than that. Luminyst employees are empathetic and understand the process of product development well enough to break it apart and build it back up again.  And they have to do it in a succinct and organized way that can be adopted by our clients.  We put the same effort into finding the right talent as we do to ensure our product is the right one for our clients.

What Sets Luminyst Apart?

At Luminyst our philosophy is to leave the client with all the tools they need to bring their product across the finish line from building strategy to enabling execution. This is why we not only focus on defining market opportunities, but building out the company infrastructure and governance to ensure that strategy can be accomplished. We come to this approach after years of experience in product management and development and living the pain points of executing corporate strategy and delivering products that meet the market potential. We leverage the expertise of people who have done time in the trenches, who understand not only what good product management looks like, but how to make this good happen.

How do you Engage with your CUstomers?

We focus on setting up young companies with the best product management and development operations so they can grow with confidence.  We understand all companies are different, especially small and young ones, and there may be gaps in the  level of expertise across the company.  We also understand that building a new company can be chaotic, and unpredictable, but that your day to day operations don’t need to be. Because of this understanding, we have a flexible approach ranging from workshops that set up bespoke company-wide processes, to working with individual team leads to set up operations in their area. We leverage technology to limit our hands on time so our clients can build in process without ignoring their day job. Our goal is to leave each company with an operations process that works and grows with them as they do.

You mentioned technology several times- why and how do you leverage it?

Product Development is dynamic and run by cross-functional teams that are more often than not interacting virtually rather than in person. Technology provides a perfect universal tool that connects disparate groups and enables real time transparency.  We developed a software solution that leverages in-house systems, is user-friendly, and allows teams to understand the goals, timelines, risks and status for the product, updated in real time.

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