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Introducing the Luminyst Product Lifecycle Management (PLM)
Organized, focused, efficient and fit to your needs, seamlessly 

  Navigate and Accelerate YOUR Product development

Leveraging experienCe

FocusED on Efficiency 

Enabling Success

About Us

At Luminyst we leverage years of experience launching products in large and small science companies to create a unique consulting approach that provides new-to-commercial companies with the help THEY need to make THEIR company commercial ready.  We combined our expertise in Product Management, Quality Oversight, Regulatory Science and Product Development to provide a consulting experience that narrows in on the spaces often overlooked by standard consulting firms - Product Lifecycle Management, Quality / Sterility Assurance and Product Development / Quality by Design.  We've incorporated efficiencies into our process to keep our prices down, and focus on transferring our knowledge to you, building your in-house know how. 

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The Lumanist APPROach
How are we different?

Our streamlined step-by-step process will leverage your current internal resources to build a product lifecycle management, quality and/ or product development program(s) that  bring customer-focused products to market faster without having to establish a large product management or consultant organization.  Leaving you lean, organized and less vulnerable to personnel turnover. 
Experience has taught us that in innovative companies, formal processes are not typically established until they are forced by regulations, at which point corners have been cut and critical steps missed, resulting in costly delays or avoidable mistakes.  Additionally we see the usual response of hiring consultants to fill gaps and provide emergency solutions as time and cost consuming, and doesn't build in-house knowledge or structure. 
Our combined software  plus consultant approach builds in efficiency and takes the guesswork out of the commercialization and regulatory process, so you can focus on innovation.  We take a moment to understand your needs and then guide you to build your own commercial stage-gates, quality, and product development framework appropriate to your regulatory environment, so you can continue doing the work that matters, but now efficiently and with focus.

Products and Services 

Quality /
sterility assurance 
Modular and self-paced software offering to efficiently understand customers Quality System gaps and provide / build materials to fill them.  Including modules to build in-house  sterility assurance knowledge  without a large quality organization for Phase I/II manufacturing
quality by Design / process development 
Software that facilitates the Product Development process incorporating Quality by Design  elements- from defining critical quality attributes to determining design space, critical process parameters and reaction models.  Users can opt in or out along with expert help / personal reviews and bespoke content
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