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About Us

Luminyst is a boutique consulting company focused on guiding small, early development scientific companies to efficiently and effectively build the right product for their market.  

We leverage our expertise in Business Operations, Product Management, Regulatory Science and Product Development and decades of experience launching products in large and small science and pharma companies to ensure your company’s success.  We focus on organization, so you can focus on discovery. 

We provide a consulting experience that narrows in on the spaces often overlooked by standard consulting firms - Product Lifecycle Management and Product Development and Business Operations.  We've incorporated efficiencies into our process to keep our prices down, and focus on transferring our knowledge to you, building your in-house know how.

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The Luminyst APPROach
How are we different?

At Luminyst our philosophy is to leave the client with all the tools they need to bring their product across the finish line from building strategy to enabling execution. We know that it is never too early to have a commercial mindset, and yet most new and small companies wait, to their detriment.
This is why we not only help define market opportunities, but build out the company infrastructure and governance to ensure that strategy can be accomplished and the commercial product is always in focus. Our streamlined step-by-step process leverages your current internal resources to build a product management operations program that bring customer-focused products to market faster without having to establish a large product management, consultant or commercial organization.  Leaving you lean, organized and less vulnerable to personnel turnover. 
We take a moment to understand your needs, whether company wide, or department based, and then guide you to build your own commercial stage-gates and product development framework appropriate to your regulatory environment, so you can continue doing the work that matters, but now efficiently and with focus.

Why Luminyst

Improved COMPANY


  • Organized

  • Market entry / IPO / investment round ready

  • Realtime program risk and status awareness

  • Lean operations

  • Supplement / strengthen PMO

​Improved Program operations

  • Efficient

  • Predictable 

  • Organized

  • Transparent

  • Cross functional

  • Customer focused

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